Things to do and places to visit in College Park, Oxnard

Channel Islands Harbor

Channel Islands Harbor is a must-visit destination in Oxnard, California, offering a picturesque waterfront experience for visitors of all ages. With its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and numerous shops and restaurants lining the marina, the harbor provides a perfect setting for a leisurely day out with friends and family. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as boat tours, water sports, or simply strolling along the promenade to take in the serene atmosphere.

The harbor is also home to various events and festivals throughout the year, attracting both locals and tourists alike. From music concerts to art shows, there is always something exciting happening at Channel Islands Harbor. Whether you’re looking to relax by the water, indulge in delicious seafood, or explore the charming boutiques, this vibrant hub of activity is sure to offer a memorable experience for everyone who visits.

Channel Islands Harbor

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Carnegie Art Museum

Located in College Park, Oxnard, the Carnegie Art Museum stands as a cultural gem in the heart of the city. With its rich history dating back to the early 1900s, the museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore various exhibits showcasing contemporary and traditional art forms. From paintings to sculptures, the Carnegie Art Museum houses a diverse collection that appeals to art enthusiasts of all ages.

Stepping inside the museum, visitors are greeted with a blend of artistic expressions that highlight the beauty and creativity of local and international artists. The museum also hosts special events, workshops, and guided tours, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the artworks on display. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply looking for a cultural experience, the Carnegie Art Museum is a must-visit destination in College Park, Oxnard.

Carnegie Art Museum

College Park Recreation Center

College Park Recreation Center in Oxnard, California, is a vibrant hub of community activity. This center offers a wide range of amenities and facilities suitable for people of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking to stay active, socialize with others, or simply relax in a beautiful setting, College Park Recreation Center has something for everyone.

The center features well-maintained sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a modern fitness center. From playing a game of basketball with friends to enjoying a peaceful afternoon at the park, there are endless opportunities to make the most of your visit to College Park Recreation Center. Additionally, the center hosts various events and programs throughout the year, making it a dynamic and engaging place for locals and visitors alike.

College Park Recreation Center


What activities can I enjoy at Channel Islands Harbor in College Park, Oxnard?

At Channel Islands Harbor, you can engage in activities such as boat tours, kayaking, paddleboarding, and dining at waterfront restaurants.

What can I expect to see at the Mullin Automotive Museum in College Park, Oxnard?

The Mullin Automotive Museum features a stunning collection of French automobiles, including vintage Bugattis and Delahayes, showcasing the beauty and innovation of these classic cars.

Is there a particular focus on any specific type of art at the Carnegie Art Museum in College Park, Oxnard?

The Carnegie Art Museum in College Park, Oxnard, showcases contemporary art exhibitions, with a focus on highlighting local and regional artists, providing a diverse and engaging experience for visitors.

What facilities are available at the College Park Recreation Center in Oxnard, California?

The College Park Recreation Center offers a variety of amenities, including sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, and fitness facilities, making it a great destination for outdoor activities and family fun.

Are there any special events or programs held at College Park, Oxnard that visitors should be aware of?

Throughout the year, College Park, Oxnard hosts a range of events, such as art exhibitions, concerts, and community festivals, providing visitors with opportunities to immerse themselves in the local culture and vibrant atmosphere.